About Us

About 3 years ago, Lyn Cosmetics was launched by two visionary women entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and committed to owning the country’s natural resources.

Selin Koyutürk, owner of a laurel leaf factory with a closed area of 10 thousand square meters in Bartın, and Vildan Akay, who took part in the creation process of the product and continues its marketing and sales activities.

Thus, Lyn was born as a unique brand where more than 20 years of cosmetic experience combined with the experience of a family factory exporting to the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe that nature is the only thing that will bring us to ourselves and reveal our natural beauty and radiance in a mechanized world by consuming our inner energy and light. Because over time, we witness that everything delivered to nature has become what it should be best form.

Nature is a divine being that constantly renews itself and preserves its freshness, balance and beauty. We also wished this for you women. So in Lyn’s soul, nature is first of all at the center.

We think the most beautiful form of a woman is hidden in her natural glow. Based on this idea, we combine the healing, regenerating and relaxing power of nature with science and we develop products that will reveal the natural beauty of your skin.

Our Inspiration

Lyn started her journey with ‘a laurel story’. We think that true beauty is a whole from inside to outside. Therefore, while creating our brand, laurel became our source of inspiration.

Laurel is very importand and valuable plants in aromatherapy. With its leaves that remain green for four seasons, It is a symbol of timeless, pure beauty. In addition to its benefits to the body, especially the skin; Again, its biggest feature is that it provides an inner balance by creating a relaxing effect in the mind thanks to its impressive scent.

Our Mission and Vision

Lyn is a 100% domestic cosmetic brand. Our products are produced in accordance with European Union standards, all of our dermatological tests are done abroad.

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