Lyn Sun Protection Spray SPF50

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It has a SPF50 content as well as skin nourishing actives. The antioxidant effect of green tea extract also protects the skin against external factors. Bisabolol nourishes and relaxes the skin. Panthenol moisturizes the skin and ceramide 3 strengthens the skin.


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Active Components

Bisabolol: Supports the moisturizing of the skin.
Green Tea Extract: Increases the elasticity of the skin, protects the skin with its antioxidant effect.
Panthenol: Increases the protection of the skin.
Ceramide 3: Strengthens the protection of the skin.


Direction For Use

Apply sufficient amount of oil to your whole body before going out in the sun. For the continuity of sun protection, repeat the application especially after sweating or drying your body with a towel. For sun products penetrate your skin, the application should be done 15-30 minutes before going to the sun. In case of a long stay in the sun, the sun products should be renewed every 2 hours.


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