Lyn Makeup Fixative Thermal Water

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Lyn Make-up Fixative Thermal Water helps to relax and refresh the skin with its special formula, which contains rich minerals in the structure and useful elements for the skin. Lyn Makeup Fixative Thermal Water fixes the makeup, refreshes the skin, and covers the skin with a protective shield against external factors.


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Active Components: Laurel Leaf Water, Ground Water Sea Water Direction For Use: Spray the bottle in an upright position 20 cm from your skin. Wait for a few seconds to dry. When can you use Lyn Fixative Thermal Water ? 1- After cleansing your skin by Lyn Face Cleansing Gel 2- Every time you feel your skin sensitive and moisture-free, it can be used in the office during the day. 3- In Summer Vacation to moisture the skin frequently. 4- When the makeup is finished to fix the makeup. 5- Before applying masks. 6- To prepare clay masks. Thermal Water Sea water penetrates the earth’s crust. Leaks through several geological layers. I source is the island of Noirmoutier off the coast of Nantes, France. Re-mineralization Earth crust seawater; mineralizes the skin more effectively than sea water or thermal water. These basic elements enable the Earth crust sea water to stimulate the cell viability, which has an invigorating effect. Detox Effect Every day, the skin is under attack by elements that contribute to oxidative stress and protein oxidation and which lead to carbonized proteins (ie, non-functional proteins). The antioxidant effect, which protects against tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes, resolves the amount of carbonaceous protein after only 14 days of use. Earth crust sea water decreases skin oxidation and protects the skin from the harmful effects of external factors. The result is a smoother skin, smooth skin tone with a detox effect. Strengthens Earth crust seawater; Supports the protection of cells exposed to inflammation. This supportive water has a very bright, refreshed and invigorating effect on the skin. Pressure is provided by the air that we breathe, it does not contain LPG.


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