Fresh Care 3

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Add a New Year message to yourself and your loved ones, and your beautiful wishes will be delivered with Lyn…

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Lyn Restoring Hand Cream


Lyn Restoring Hand Cream keeps your dry hands moisturized and nourished. Thanks to its special formula, it helps to repair and restore your skin. With its light texture, it is quickly absorbed.

Active Components: Laurel Leaf Water, Arnica, Calendula, Shea Butter.

Direction for use: Apply it to your hands as needed and as often as you like.

Dermatologically tested, paraben free.


Lyn Laurel Soap


It moisturizes, refreshes and revitalizes the skin with its laurel oil. It refreshes your skin with its natural structure that cleans without drying and helps to nourish it. It is a natural olive oil soap.

Lyn soaps provide a charming use with their pleasant scent, they are suitable for hand, face, all skin and hair cleaning due to their natural olive oil.


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